Cancellation Policy

For interpretation assignments where a freelance interpreter has been booked, a 100% charge may apply to cancellations with less than 2 weeks’ notice.

If the interpreter arrives at an assignment and the Service Provider fails to arrive for whatever reason, this shall be treated as a cancellation. In these circumstances, the interpreter will endeavor to make contact to establish if the assignment is still able to continue. If no contact can be established, the interpreter will wait for no more than 30 minutes before leaving. Full fees and reimbursement will be applicable in these circumstances.


Overtime Policy

When more hours of an interpreter's time are required, the overtime charge is added. An additional fee may be charged for early-morning and late-night interpreting work depending on the project.

The client always needs to ask the interpreter, if overtime is possible. In the case the interpreter agrees to overtime, he client needs to inform the number of additional hours beforehand by email. Overtime fee is charged by hour (20.000 Yen/hour & tax).


Business Trips

Assignments in prefectures other than Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama are considered as business trips. Assignments in regions that lie 100 km or more from Tokyo Station are considered business trips, even if they are within the prefectures mentioned above. 

Transport Expenses and Hotel Expenses will be charged.