Living in Japan

Medical Interpretation in Japan: Call the AMBULANCE

What do you do in the case you meet an accident in Japan?


Thanks to Japan, sometimes it only takes 5-10 mins.

# Don't think about money. Calling an ambulance is NOT too expensive in Japan. Your health is always priority.



In case you need an Interpreter:

Text me on LinkedIn or Facebook or Email: maxie.pickert    @

Try to contact your Japanese friend, who speaks some English.

(Personal contacts are the fastest to reach in most cases. However, their foreign language ability can be limited. Dealing with doctor's in an emergency can be very stressful for both Interpreter, Doctor, and your Family Members, )



How to find work as Interpreter


I landed my first job as Interpreter, because my coworker introduced me to his dad, who living in the UK and wanted to expand his buisness in Germany. That is a very common way to find work as Interpreter in Japan. After working freelance in Japan for I while I figured that here recommendation is the key to finding direct Japanese clients.

Further, I like to see other Interpreters as friend not as direct rival. Sometimes my schedule gets busy, so what do I do? I ask a friend if she is available? That way, sometimes you will get introduced to work or to privat organised network party. Networking is a the key in any kind of buisness. Just think about it? The more people know what you are doing, the higher are the chances they will contact you. Therefore, I aim to build as many win-win siutations as possible.

What about you? How do you find work as Interpreter?