Maxie's Art Projects in JApan

I'm looking for more opportunities to show my work in Japan. 


Cafe Art

The owner of the cafe pukutto shokudo, Mrs. Moe Sakaguchi, asked me to paint a picture to attract more visitors. It was  exciting to paint a large picture. Many kids watched me painting. If you want to drink coffee or eat japanese rice balls, please visit her cafe. 


Restaurant Art

Mr, Nishiyama saw my work on social media and asked me to paint a picture of his dishes. My small art class was excited and we painted different pasta pictures. If you want to eat delicous italian food & enjoy cocktails, please visit his restaurant bar.


Art for People

Mr. Watanabe bought my beer painting. He is a hairdresser living near Edoshima. We told me that he liked my picture & he even bought a cute picture frame.

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Art Class in Yokohama:

Please join!


Art Class in Yokohama

I run a small Art class in Yokohama. We meet 1x a months to paint or sketch. I can rent art studios for a small fee around Yokohama area. Sometimes we visit parks or beaches to sketch. At the moment we are a small group of people mainly in their 20/30, but we welcome everyone, who likes art to join. I can speak English, German & Japan, so feel free to contact me in your language.

If you are interested in joining:

Please write me an email: You can also contact me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ).

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