Interpretation in Japan

Japan is a great place for tourism, business and living. Learning the language can be a challenge for many westerners. I have 11 years experience learning Japanese and interacting with Japanese culture. As an interpreter, it is my goal to help as a communication bridge between the West and Japan. I had clients from many different countries: Turkey, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, Great Britan, France and the USA. I am located in Tokyo, but I also can help your project for 3-4 days in other prefectures as well. Please feel free to contact me to check my availability.

Interpretation specialization:

Advertizing and PR | Art, crafts, painting | Games, video games, gambling games, casino | General interest subjects | Geography | International relations and organizations | Photography, creation and processing of images | Tourism and travel  | Hospital  |Legal Issues  |

Interpretation language pairs:

English – Japanese | Japanese – English | German – English | English – German | German – Japanese | Japanese – German


Interpretation Experience:

– Exhibition Interpretation
– Interpretation for expanding business in Europe (Meeting with different CEOs)
– Interpretation for Journalist
– Interpretation for academic researchers
– Hospital Interpretation (several clients)
– Interpretation of a phone conversation
– Interpretation at Festivals
– Interpretation for architects
– Legal Interpretation

Maxie did a wonderful job helping to interpret a business/personal meeting with my family in Japan. She was professional, prompt and very patient during the entire session. My family and I are both very grateful for her interpretation and translation services. I would 110% recommend Maxie to anyone.
— Lindsey Billings (California Automotive Retailing Group)