Japanese clients

How to find work as Interpreter


I landed my first job as Interpreter, because my coworker introduced me to his dad, who living in the UK and wanted to expand his buisness in Germany. That is a very common way to find work as Interpreter in Japan. After working freelance in Japan for I while I figured that here recommendation is the key to finding direct Japanese clients.

Further, I like to see other Interpreters as friend not as direct rival. Sometimes my schedule gets busy, so what do I do? I ask a friend if she is available? That way, sometimes you will get introduced to work or to privat organised network party. Networking is a the key in any kind of buisness. Just think about it? The more people know what you are doing, the higher are the chances they will contact you. Therefore, I aim to build as many win-win siutations as possible.

What about you? How do you find work as Interpreter?